The Present Situation and Pattern of Modern Artistic Lighting

- May 06, 2017-

Abstract: Modern minimalist art lighting (referred to as modern lights), is very popular in recent years, a sub-category, about 10% of the decorative lighting industry segment 10% share.


Modern lights are also moving towards diversification and segmentation. With a focus on spatial geometry, a sense of science and technology and fashion sense is relatively strong, pay attention to minimalist and exquisite; such as linear hanging light, LGP pendant light,the entire category to the colorful era.


Modern lights rely on creativity and design to win, just rely on imitation and plagiarism is difficult to go far. Even if you can win a temporary market favor, can not get long-term development. So many companies are destined to be short-lived. And some strong development of the enterprise, not only to stand out, but also will be steady development. The future, whether the rapid, stable, sustainable development, is a modern light brand can be the key to the market. Of course, the product development capability of the small micro-enterprises, the future can also be invincible.


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