The importance of office lighting to work

- May 22, 2017-

                                       The importance of office lighting to work

Recently, Atlantic Media's digital business news platform, Quartz, has launched a discussion of office lighting, where a colleague at the New York office has launched a vote on the internal chat tool to choose bright or soft light.


Why is a discussion about led lighting so intense?


There is no doubt that the light will stimulate the body to produce a clear physiological response. Psychiatrist Baba Pendse focuses on the effects of light on human mental health. He believes that lighting can adjust the biological cycle rhythm, resulting in sleep, alertness and performance impact.


In contrast, strong light, especially after the night of light is easy to help people stay awake. Even the use of light on the human body, the medical community there is a light therapy to help cancer rehabilitation, improve the quality of sleep in patients with dementia and help them to reverse the frustration.


In fact, the most people feel comfortable light from the sun in nature, sunlight is the most in line with the laws of nature, can naturally improve job performance and good for human health. Northwestern University of the United States has published a transboundary nerve experiment results that in the absence of windows in the office work efficiency than in the normal environment in the sun than in the office under artificial lighting is more conducive to improving mood, increase morale, reduce fatigue.


About the office lighting not only the lighting but also the UGR is important. Our led linear pendant light with the UGR<19, Will protect your eyes and this is a comfortable light.

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