The difference between cob light source and led

- Mar 29, 2021-

In the display screen, what is the difference between the cob light source and the led light source?

Generally speaking, the LED integrated light source uses COFB packaging technology to directly encapsulate the LED die on a temperature equalizing plate or a copper substrate to form a polycrystalline array, while the COB light source is a high-power integrated surface light source that directly attaches the LED light-emitting chip. The integrated surface light source technology on the mirror metal substrate with high reflectivity.

The cob light source encapsulates low-power chips on the PCB. Compared with ordinary SMD low-power, it has higher brightness, lower thermal resistance, faster heat dissipation, lower light attenuation, and longer life.

Although some SMD low-power light sources are packaged on aluminum substrates, they are also called integrated LEDs, but this is not a COB light source, so in general, the cob light sources are integrated LED light sources, but the integrated LED light sources are not all COB light sources.

What is the difference between cob display and LED display?

1. The cob display has fewer manufacturing steps, and is not as complicated as SMD packaged led display (led display). There is no SMD, reflow soldering and other processes, which is more reliable;

2. Smaller pitch and more delicate picture: The cob display has broken the physical limit of the SMD packaging process and completed the realization of a smaller pitch. The pitch is small, the display pixel in the unit is more, the picture is fuller, and the color is more vivid;

3. The cob packaged led display screen completely seals the device on the PCB board, the device is not exposed, the protection level is stronger, directly touched by hand, jittered, and there is no lamp falling during transportation. After the product is put into use, the maintenance rate is almost 0;

4. The surface light source emits light. Effectively suppress the moiré pattern, allowing people to watch closely for a long time without hurting the eyes;

5. Faster heat dissipation and longer life: The heat is directly dissipated through the PCB board, the thermal resistance is small, and the heat dissipation is better. There is no accumulation of heat, and the life of electronic products will naturally become longer;

What is the connection between cob display and LED display?

Cob display is the future of LED small pitch, it is the first choice for pitch below 1.0mm, there is no conflict between the two, but ordinary LED display can not meet the client's more precise display requirements in the SMD packaging process, and it cannot achieve smaller size. The realization of the spacing, so the COB display screen will be born.

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