The advantage and use of LED linear triproof-waterproof(IP65)

- Mar 10, 2017-

     LED linear tri--proof-waterproof(IP65), with high brightness, color really, no shadow and other characteristics, the specific characteristics are as follows:



Advantage of LED linear tri--proof-waterproof(IP65):

1. Anti-glare function: transparent pieces of the use of advanced lighting optics optimization design, soft, no glare, no ghosting, effectively prevent the construction workers are not suitable for fatigue.


2. Light energy efficiency: the choice of LED light source, high luminous efficiency, long life, life can be as high as 30,000 hours; power factor greater than 0.9, high luminous efficiency, good light transmission.


3. Shock function: multi-channel seismic structure and integrated design, to ensure that its high-frequency, multi-frequency vibration environment in the long-term safe work.


4. The application of the environment: the use of high-strength alloy shell, a special surface spray and sealing treatment, in high temperature and humidity and a variety of corrosive and other harsh environments long-term use.


5. Installation: seat, ceiling and ceiling and other installation methods to meet the needs of different work site lighting. Electronic, mechanical double protection, open the lid automatically cut off the power, increased use and maintenance of the security, stability, reliability.


Use of LED linear tri--proof-waterproof(IP65):

It is suitable for places such as corrosive, dusty, industrial lighting, such as steel, ship, railway, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical and all kinds of factory, workshop, place and large facilities.

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