Supermarket Lighting

- May 24, 2017-

                                                Supermarket  Lighting

Supermarket stores are consumers shopping places, to keep the store plenty of light, color coordination, to create a comfortable shopping environment for consumers to create a good shopping atmosphere, the supermarket store design is also very important.

The atmosphere lighting can eliminate the shadow, in the special display to create different effects, it can not only light the goods, but also can be used to direct the wall, create an atmosphere. Can directly illuminate the model, and even can be used to illuminate the printed artboards. The relationship between lighting and display staff is the most direct. In the window, the atmosphere lights can be added with filters to create a variety of colors of light, resulting in dramatic effects. In the store, the atmosphere of light can make the display of goods more distinctive, the atmosphere requires more brightness light, usually with incandescent spotlight or incandescent floodlights. Spotlight can focus on a part of the floodlight can illuminate a larger range. To display the range of lighting with the atmosphere to achieve dramatic results, display staff to solve the two problems, that is, light and dark problems and color problems. The display staff can apply the phenomena observed and the experience gained from the sunlight to the illumination of nature and apply it to the display lighting. The store's lighting is mostly illuminated from above or on the side. Because the light from the bottom up, easy to display devices or goods to block, and the formation of shadows. As for the side of the irradiation, the furniture display more appropriate.

Our company is suitable for supermarket lighting lights are mainly TEC001LIN01 series, its main feature is used in double row light bar, you can achieve a variety of ways of docking, increase its lighting brightness.

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