Shoe lighting

- Jun 30, 2017-

Into different shoe stores, often bring us a different feeling, in addition to display and decoration,the most important thing is the shoe store lighting configuration. Today for everyone to talk about the details of the shoe inside the lighting configuration of those things.

What is the role of good lighting configuration

The application of led light  in the shoe store in China is very wide, including the window, shoe, roof will use the light, the same is a pair of shoes, display in the light and no lights show the effect is completely different. So even in the daytime, many shoe store lights are always lit.

Led lighting design not only to give shoes to provide a comfortable atmosphere, but also the atmosphere of the entire store, which under the same conditions to greatly stimulate the desire of consumers shopping, increase store sales, but also very To a large extent to improve the product texture and level.

How to set up a good light

Principle 1: light harmony and unity

In the shoe store, the focus of product sales is in the window design, and the focus of the window design is how to use the scientific light, reasonable light coupled with a good background picture, props, color and text description, no doubt can enhance the texture of the entire product.

In the led light bulb design is important point is the light to harmony, and the background of the product and the window with the coordination, but also pay attention to different styles of shoes color and details of the different treatment for the specific needs of the light, which requires us to more configuration Can be suitable for most products of light, and most of the products to display coordination.





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