Secret: how is the led light aging?

- May 13, 2017-

How long is the world's longest-lived incandescent bulb? It has been 115 years old this year.


This has to be just a magic example, for various reasons, we usually use the experience is usually: just bought back the lights, the use is very bright. The use of a long time, the brightness of the light slowly lower until the last extinguished.


LED light failure for the following two main factors:

  a.LED product itself quality problems:

1. LED chip used in poor quality, brightness attenuation faster.

2. production process defects, LED chip cooling can not be well derived from the PIN pin, resulting in LED chip temperature is too high to increase the chip attenuation.

  b.Use conditions:

1. LED constant current drive, some LED high bay lighting using voltage drive causes, so that LED attenuation too fast.

2. drive current is greater than the rated drive conditions.


In fact, led to LED product light failure for many reasons, but the most critical or cooling problem. The better the thermal performance, the lower the LED operating temperature, the smaller the light fade, the longer the LED life.


Our this linear light suit for factory, supermarket, warehouse, with the best led chips which passed the LM-80, and use the Aluminum profile which with high Heat dissipation index, so our lights warranty standard is 3-5 years.


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