Research LED downlight friendly to the environment

- Jan 18, 2017-

"LED the manufacturing and utility" in this report mainly in comparing these three different bulbs life cycle, including production, operations and eliminated. This is the second major energy reports and assessments as compared to traditional light bulbs, LED tube lamp lighting, such as life-cycle costs of environmental resources.

Compared with the General lighting, LED down lights and other lighting will undoubtedly have more advantages. United States Department of energy released a new report, LED lighting is of great significance to the environment, its impact on the environment are low and slightly hyper-fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

Noted in the report, the traditional fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and LED down lights and other lighting is very similar in energy consumption, which consumes less energy than incandescent bulbs, and compared to the manufacturing and transport, running most of the life cycle energy consumption. Because of the high efficiency of consumption 12.5 watts of power and can reach and CFLs (15 watts) and incandescent light (60 Watt) function. Tests on 14 of 15 in the report shows that the LED down lights and other lighting is most friendly to the environment of these three kinds of lighting fixtures.

This report follows previous reports, which is published in February 2012, "Review of the Lifecycle Energy Consumption of Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent and LED Lamps" conclusion, continues to make a more thorough evaluation, LED tube lights and other lighting different lighting and several other broad impacts on the environment.

LED down lights and other lighting for this report to do comprehensive research, analysis of these three different light bulb manufacturing, Assembly, transportation and elimination effects on energy and the environment. This is the first report of the open LED production process discussed in support of Department of air and water to protect public resources and improve the United States clean energy competitiveness and to help families and companies save costs of energy bills.

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