Related knowledge points we should know about the LED industry

- Jan 13, 2021-

1. How to manage the number of lighting circuits in the hundreds? It is certainly unrealistic to arrange for an uncle to open the gate in the distribution room. With so many lights, all of them turned on with a snap, and I guess the instantaneous current would trip the circuit breaker. In order to avoid the impact, the best way is to turn on in time sequence and turn on the lighting loop by loop within a certain period of time.

2. Lights are also used for various purposes. Some are responsible for daily lighting, some are responsible for creating atmosphere, and some are responsible for styling, performing their own duties. What kind of scenes (performances, gatherings, screenings), what time periods (work, off work, holidays), and which lights are on, are also particular.

3. Lighting is a major energy consuming consumer in buildings, second only to air conditioners. For the sake of saving electricity, managers only need to maintain a certain illuminance, turn on the lights less when the sun is strong, and turn on more lights when it is cloudy; or in the corridors. Turn on the lights when there are people inside, and turn off the lights as soon as people leave, saving some electricity bills.

Therefore, the intelligent lighting system is to solve the above three pain points: batch control, group control, and induction control.

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