Performance and characteristics of lighting fixtures

- Jul 19, 2017-

Performance and characteristics of lighting fixtures



Linear hanging light


Features: 1) lighting with a cable or chain hanging on the ceiling; 2) a variety of different sizes and shapes, shade style is also very diverse; 3) installation method does not require power engineering ceiling hook as the mainstream, some Must be mounted directly on the ceiling, or use the lighting guide.


Note: 1) the use of ceiling hook occasions, must be placed in the weight of the lamp; 2) the use of cable occasions, the future support lamp weight, will add the chain; 3) the use of lighting rails, power and switch systems On the rail, it must be confirmed whether the lighting fixture used is compatible.




3) the overall lighting, local lighting, krypton adjustment of the illumination angle of the lighting, wall washer, etc., depending on the different lighting, lighting, lighting, lighting, lighting, Use to select the necessary type.


Note: 1) residential use of the occasion, most of the E26 or E17 lamp holder compatible. The shape of the lamp is small, it will be marked with E17, generally divided into vertical installation and horizontal installation of two types; 2) must be combined with ceiling space and ceiling insulation construction, to select the appropriate lamps; 3) ceiling Thermal insulation construction method and the corresponding downlight: filling method: SB type insulation pad method SB type thermal resistance 6.6 ㎡ · K / W following the insulation mat method: SGI type heat resistance 4.6 ㎡ · K / W The following insulation mat method: SG type.


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