Office lighting environment

- May 06, 2017-

Recently, Atlantic Media's digital business news platform, Quartz, has launched a discussion of office lighting, where a colleague at the New York office has launched a vote on the internal chat tool to choose bright or soft light.


There is no doubt that the light will stimulate the body to produce a clear physiological response. Psychiatrist Baba Pendse focuses on the effects of light on human mental health. He believes that lighting can adjust the biological cycle rhythm, resulting in sleep, alertness and performance impact.


In order to deal with the sun will secrete cortisol, serotonin and other hormones, the more intense the more the secretion of hormones, emotions, appetite and so are affected. This explains why people will be drowsy under the dim light.


In contrast, strong light, especially after the night of light is easy to help people stay awake. Even the use of light on the human body, the medical community there is a light therapy to help cancer rehabilitation, improve the quality of sleep in patients with dementia and help them to reverse the frustration.


In addition, the relationship between light and mood there is another explanation. MarkRea, director of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's R & D Center, said: "If you let the workers sit in the dim light to do fine and tedious manual work, they will be bored."


So Rea believes that people's desire for light is out of the desire to master information. The brighter light means the clearer the environment, the more information is collected.


"We can read the book in a bright light, or easily see what the children are doing." Rea said that if the light is not enough, it will hinder the collection of information, people must spend more energy, mood will be worse.


On the contrary, the same light does not mean that people can get the same mood, because everyone's response to light is not the same, as everyone has their favorite diet preferences. So almost can not find a specific light to the whole office are satisfied


Our company's TEC001LSD01, suitable for office, conference room, our unique design inside the reflective film, the purpose is to increase the light effect of light. At the same time can also be dimming, to solve the white-collar workers for the fatigue of is main features are  dimmable high powerdifferent length optional.



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