Linear LED tube lights are healthy lighting

- Jan 18, 2017-

Lighting plays a very important role in people's lives, lights appear, bring light to people's lives, but traditional lighting and do not fit the needs of the development of modern society, LED down light lighting, such as in this case stand out.

Lighting plays an important role is to help people in the night light up, so that people can see objects in the dark. It has a significant contact with human eyes. Therefore, the lighting will have a direct impact on people's eyesight and health.

Linear LED tube lights are high-brightness light-emitting diodes as the light source, high efficiency, low power consumption, long service life, easy to control, maintenance, safety and environmental protection; is the next generation of solid cold light source, light color and soft, bright, colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, green environmental protection, suitable for family use, shopping malls, banks, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other public lighting.

Recent medical research has found, the body will react in accordance with illumination wavelength and corresponds to the change in environment, uses a lot of lighting at night can cause damage to human physiological response of environmental changes wavelength into a State of rest, this phenomenon is particularly widely in the past dozens of years the night electric lighting equipment (especially strong white light) case, and had a great influence on the human body.

Fluorescent light lamps, and province bulb, lighting equipment in production process inevitably added will poison environment of "Mercury", light will issued part UV, and spectrum performance intermittent, problem, using Shang seems no obviously differences, but actually are every minute effect with user of health; LED tube lamp used of is solid light lighting technology, spectrum performance more gentle, and light in the not contains UV, and glow efficiency more high, is relative security, and health of light select.

LED downlight is the representative of health lighting, it appears, has changed the traditional way of lighting, brings us new choice of lighting and lighting a major development trend in the future.

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