LED linear highbay light

- Mar 10, 2017-


        Perhaps many outsiders do not know,  LED linear highbay light as a spokesman for energy conservation and environmental protection, has been transformed into a factory workshop lighting the best partner.



     Do you know? In fact, 10W LED linear highbay light and 80W incandescent lighting effect is the same! However, 10W of industrial and LED linear highbay light are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, which is why LED linear highbay lightare more and more warehouses, factories, workshops and other widely used. As we all know, the workshop production equipment, population density, high density, security risks also increased, so the workshop lighting not only need to meet the lighting requirements, but also need fire and radiation protection. LED linear lights and traditional incandescent bulbs compared to the incandescent time point will be a long time, the greater the power of incandescent heat is higher, more likely to cause a fire, and LED linear highbay light using high-power lamp beads as the main light source , It has a high thermal conductivity, light fades small, good color, no ghosting, and the use of a unique thermal design, the effective spread of heat when the line spread, thereby reducing the LED industrial lamp temperature, to ensure that the lamp Service life. In addition,LED linear highbay light is also consistent with the concept of green, free of lead, mercury and other pollution elements, does not contain aluminum and other special chemical substances in the inside, does not contain a lot of radiation, will not cause the user Physical hazards and environmental pollution, is really a typical green lighting source..



       When you are still hesitant in the end to choose what kind of lamps to solve your factory workshop lighting, I believe you read the above analysis, LED linear highbay light is definitely your first choice!

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