LED lights’start-up very special

- May 25, 2017-

LED  lights  start-up very special

The recent experiment has a very interesting and strange phenomenon, want to explore, exchange, and jointly analyze the causes of this phenomenon with you.

Test in the laboratory, the indoor environment, the power supply for the 220V, 50Hz AC, voltage stability for the 400W LED linear lights, measuring instruments for the common Fluke, the test is to measure the LED  light start characteristics.

The test is very simple, connect the lamp and power, access the measuring instrument, check the wiring is correct, turn on the switch, the lamp is energized instantly light, the instrument records the start process.

The start-up process has the following characteristics:

1, The begin current is large.

The start-up process has a very large peak current, the maximum value of 29A, for the rated current is only about 2A of the LED lights, peak current nearly 15 times much, far more than expected.

2, start time is short

Start time is relatively short, from the beginning to power up to the current stability is only about 1 second time, and the maximum time of about 800 nanoseconds, very front.

3, negative peak

It can be seen from the figure, the start process in addition to the positive peak, there are negative peaks, and sometimes negative peak than the positive peak.

The results show that there is a large starting current at the start time for the linear lamp, up to 15 times; the start time is short, only about 1 second, the peak is about 800ns; there is a reverse peak; the peak is uncertain, and the peak current is different The After the introduction of the article, causing the majority of users concerned about the message and the reasons for different opinions. I tried to explain, and explore with you.

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