Led Light & Energy saving lamp

- Jul 21, 2017-


With the popularity of LED lights, life, we have a choice for the light of a more. As the LED lights with energy efficient features, in the shopping malls to buy, we often will be energy-saving lamps and LED lights confused. Energy-saving lamps is LED lights it? LED lights and energy-saving lamps, which is more suitable for home lighting? What should I pay attention to when picking?




The working principle of the energy-saving lamp is mainly through the ballast to the lamp filament heating, making the filament began to launch electrons, the transition produced ionization, which issued 253.7nm UV, UV excitation phosphor luminescence, because the fluorescent lamp filament temperature at 1160K , Which is much lower than the temperature of the incandescent work 2200K-2700K, so its life has also been greatly improved to 5,000 hours or more.

LED lights are connected by a LED lamp beads in series or in parallel, these LED lamp beads from the light-emitting diodes in the integrated circuit chip under the AC 220V power supply into voltage, current and LED assembly can match the DC to Meet the requirements of LED lamp beads assembly, so that it can normally light.




The general life of the LED lights can be used more than 50000 hours, there are some special LED lamp life can reach 100,000 hours. Of course, the decision to LED lamp life there are chip and drive these two factors, but because there is no filament fuse LED lights, so the life of LED lights is much higher than other lights.

The general life of energy-saving lamps in 5000 hours or so, there are more than 8000 hours, that is, about a year or so energy-saving lamps need to be replaced.

The two contrast, we can see the LED lights can be used for more than five years need to be replaced, in the use of time to greatly save the cost of replacing the lamp.


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