LED drive three major technical trends into market concerns

- Jun 02, 2017-

Market dynamics

At present, the global LED driver IC market in 2013, showing the old manufacturers to enter the expansion, the new manufacturers to actively feed the market pie situation. As the LED bulbs, LED tube strong demand, LED driver IC part, from AC to DC, DC to DC and other areas, there are a considerable number of manufacturers to compete, old and new products come forth in large numbers.

Currently in the international market, Texas Instruments LED driver IC, its market visibility is high. Europe and the United States, including NXP, Marvell and other companies, also introduced a lot of LED driver IC products. The Asian IC design company, 2013 is also actively cut into the LED lighting market is optimistic about the development, including accumulation, Li Qi, Ang Bao, silicon, Hong Guan Dian have entered the market layout and planning.


Technical trends

LED driver IC solution selection is very important, 2013, the market is mainly concerned about these trends and points:

1.LED drive the advantages of dedicated IC output current, can effectively reduce EMI.

2. A new generation of LED driver IC design are trying to use constant power, and the past common isolation and non-isolated LED applications, LED driver IC market will be different supporters.

3. Small power (that is, 0.5W-3W) LED Linear light source (LED chip), with LED driver IC, integrated into the CMC package, this new design is already one of the focus of 2013 market. There is also a high degree of integration of the direction of the multi-chip package this trend, coupled with AC (AC) direct drive light LED components, these technologies allow LED lighting costs and stability, and have different results in the past.


LED driver IC in 2013 results, LED lighting products can be more stable than ever, the lower cost of a reason.














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