LED drive power supply design four major issues summary

- May 13, 2017-

LED drive power quality will be a direct impact on the life of LED, so how to do a LED driver power supply is the top priority of LED power supply designers. This article describes some of the LED drive power problems:


The drive circuit directly affects LED life.

We said the LED driver, including digital drive and analog drive two types, digital-driven exponential circuit driver, including digital dimming control, RGB full color changes and so on. Analog drive refers to the analog circuit driver, including AC constant current switching power supply, DC constant current control circuit. The drive circuit consists of electronic components, including semiconductor components, resistors, capacitors, conductor, etc., these components have a service life, any one device failure will lead to the failure of the entire circuit or part of the function failure.


Heat dissipation problems

LED for the cold light source, the working temperature can not exceed the limit, the design should also leave a margin, some LED lighting factory power research and development capabilities, in the initial design of the initial assessment of the lamp, linear lights power supply design synchronization, can solve the above problems The In the design to take into account the LED cooling and power supply cooling, the overall control of the temperature rise of lamps, so as to design a better lamp.


All in all about the choose of the led driver should according the warranty and heat dissipation. all our led line fixtures lights use the TUV and UL certification driver, with the best quality so the lifespan can up to 5000hours and more.

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