LED down light lighting brought new changes

- Jan 18, 2017-

Incandescent bulbs are about to quit the stage of history, and currently includes China, the United States, and Japan, and Australia and other countries have introduced Act eliminated the incandescent lamp, so the disappearance of incandescent bulbs will be the trend. Then incandescent lamps to deactivate after, what kind of lighting is the best alternative? Freeing up such a big market fueled by what?

In fact, global illumination market changes rapidly, incandescent exit is the biggest reason the high electricity consumption, not environmental protection, energy saving and environmental protection in the present economic context prevailing, only energy-saving lamps only tomorrow. This provides support for the development of LED downlights.

Powered lighting products change from the 2007 United States Congress enacted the energy independence and Security Act, the Bill establishes the lighting efficiency standards, and implemented in phases, starting on January 1, 2012. The Bill would require new types of lighting energy consumption of at least 30%, while incandescent bulbs are not up to the standard, so you cannot use incandescent bulbs.

According to statistics, United States home lighting energy consumption accounted for United States 15% of total household energy consumption. According to energy efficiency advocates said families per unit electricity at $143, standards set by the new law will save American consumers more than $10 billion per year, number of new power plants will be reduced by 30. In view of this, phase-out of incandescent bulbs, use new energy-saving lamps is imperative. LED downlight is the best alternative to incandescent lamps.

LED downlight is the use of LED lamps for the light source, because LED very light, LED downlight is small, it was shaped with incandescent bulbs also have a great deal of similarity, coupled with the very easy to use, so that it becomes the best choice for alternative to incandescent lamps.

Compared with incandescent bulbs, LED tube lights last longer and also reduces energy consumption 80%. In addition, the LED lamp similar to incandescent lamps in both appearance and performance, but life is the incandescent dozens of times, and adjustable light, LED lamps are more popular.

CFL lamps with LED tube light compared to lower prices, but it started a long time, take a few minutes to reach full brightness, coupled with its own containing mercury pollution is very large, so the prospects are not promising.

LED downlight technology upgrades, as well as further adjustments in prices, LED down light as the best alternative to incandescent bulbs, will have better development prospects for the future.

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