LED ceiling lamp, canister light, shoot the light is not lit, burned out, flash? How to repair?

- Jun 01, 2017-

General ceiling worst-case scenario has the following kinds:


1. The whole light not bright; Appear such circumstance, the likelihood is lamp bead or bad, but is generally drive is broken, can be directly replace, remember to choose the right drive, driver is the heart of the lamps and lanterns, the heart is not good, change is lost again.


2. Light flash; Is likely to be driven out, conditional can replace. Is likely to be a lamp bead is broken, the judgment method can put a lamp bead short, look to whether normal, if one sub lamp bead, then proved the lamp bead is broken, conditional can replace lamp bead, if it is a high power lamp bead can be removed and change it, if it is a patch lamp bead, is more trouble, either in light board, or scrap the whole lamp.


3. At first light, after a while not that bright; A ceiling lamp twinkle, drive the possibility of more bad, change directly drive is broken. It is possible that a certain light bead is broken, a processing method reference.


4. The lights burned; Appear this kind of situation, can be seen on the appearance of lamp bead wick darkened, cause this kind of situation is likely to be heat dissipation is not good enough, lamp bead himself killed themselves. Lamp bead quality is not stable, maybe one of the (few) lamp bead is broken cause nipple, and on the other lights, the voltage is too large is burnt out. And the power supply is not stable, too much electricity. Methods refer to the above a few lamp bead and power handling methods. If you check the lamp panel and radiator for heat conduction glue, whether connected in good condition.

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