Introduction of Led Chip

- Jun 30, 2017-

LED English for (light emitting diode), LED lamp beads is the abbreviation of light-emitting diodes referred to as LED, which is a popular call.


Led chip  is called semiconductor light-emitting diode, made of semiconductor materials to directly convert electrical energy into light energy, electrical signal into optical signals; it is characterized by low power consumption, high brightness, colorful, anti-vibration, life Long (normal light 8-10 million hours), cold light source, etc., is the real "green lighting". LED as a new light source of lighting products in the 21st century, will inevitably replace the white light, become another revolution in human lighting.

Nominal 3V LED Epistar led , in fact, different colors of the current also have different requirements, yellow requires the smallest current, followed by red, green and white. The current is too large, will make the wick charred. Use 2.4V rechargeable battery, yellow easy to burn, because even if the voltage is not large, but the current is too large, so it will still charred. In the use of button batteries, because the button battery voltage is 3V, but because the button battery discharge current is very small, so 3V LED lamp beads will not be burned. Therefore, when using LED lamp beads, you should choose the appropriate power supply, pay attention to voltage, as well as current. When the choice of power, if not meet the led epistar chip rated requirements, you need to improve the circuit, the common installation resistance.

Lamp beads burned out the reason

01, from top to bottom two filament, our industry is called gold thread, pure gold, do conductive, two positive, two negative, really good product will have a fifth line, welded in the Zener tube, and from Protective effect

02, the filament has become very clear to tell you that your lamp has been burned by a large current, the equivalent of a broken

03, high-power 1W drive current in 350ma or so, the working voltage between 3.2-3.6V, when used must pay attention to the large current will burn the lamp

04, the general three 1W lamp aluminum plate are 12V or so driven, very few directly on the use of 220V, you see is not a constant current source or less a 12V drive power?

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