Industrial 4.0 era, How about LED industrial lighting development?

- Jun 08, 2017-

LED industrial lighting, small public market, the great charm

In fact, compared to home,commercial lighting, industrial lighting seems to be only a relatively small family of lighting and low-key members; compared to plant factories, automotive lighting, infrared UV LED, optical communications and other media reports in the high-frequency vocabulary , Industrial lighting is relatively popular words, but it also does not affect its charm - in the LED replacement demand continues to heat up and government-related subsidies to support the industrial lighting market growth rate.

According to the relevant market research institutions survey results show that 2016 global LED industrial lighting market size of 2.292 billion US dollars, and will grow at an annual rate of more than 16%, is expected to reach 2,935 million US dollars in 2018, the market size in 2020 will be Reaching $ 2,540 million. And China's industrial electricity consumption has accounted for more than 70% of the total electricity consumption, industrial demand for energy-saving strong, huge market space also makes China's LED industrial lighting penetration is expected to further speed. According to forecasts, in 2015, LED products accounted for only 6% of the entire industrial lighting products, it is estimated that in 2035, LED market penetration will reach 86%.

At present, LED industrial lighting users mainly for foreign-funded enterprises, state-owned enterprises and some outstanding private enterprises. Among them, foreign-funded enterprises have advanced management and environmental protection concepts, to accept the LED earlier, the LED lighting products related knowledge and technical parameters are more clear, is the beginning of the use of enterprises; and state-owned enterprises in order to the corresponding national energy-saving emission reduction policies, Also began to use LED replacement light source; some excellent private enterprises in order to control production costs and improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises, but also gradually accept the LED industrial lighting.

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