In LED lighting products, the power surge current and the impact of the current What is the difference?

- Jun 06, 2017-

(1: 2 ~ 1 power cycle, EX: 60Hz power supply 1/120 ~ 1/60 seconds) of the high current (according to the product design is about 20 ~  60A, please refer to the product specifications), the product will return to normal after the start of the current input, each time the power input to send the moment will appear, this is a normal phenomenon, and will not cause damage to the led power supply. But it is not recommended to power on / off the power supply. It should also be noted that if you use multiple power supplies with the same time boot, there may be caused by the system power switch protection switch off action.


The definition of the inrush current and the reasons for the following:


Popular in terms of circuit science, to the load power of the moment, often produce high current, so called the impact current. This phenomenon is reflected in the capacitive load, such as capacitance, in the moment of power is equivalent to short-circuit, instantaneous current is theoretically infinite.


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