How to choose a light for living room

- Dec 23, 2020-

The living room is the place where we and our family stay for the longest time. Combination of lighting according to different uses is the main idea of lighting design in the living room, because different vivid scenes have different lighting needs. On the basis of bright lighting, the local lighting is further refined, and finally the lights can be used to depict different moods of life.


1.The overall composition of the living room lighting: The main lighting of the living room is generally composed of chandeliers and living room lamps. Some living rooms will also have indirect lighting by the reflection of fluorescent lamps hidden in the ceiling, and there will be desk lamps and floor lamps beside the sofa. Do local lighting.


2.Clarify the purpose of living room lighting according to different usage functions: Friends gathering: make the whole room bright and the lighting has a good decorative effect; daily life: the brightness is appropriate, you can see all corners of the living room clearly; watching TV: the brightness of the stage environment , To ensure the clarity of the TV screen; reading books and newspapers: use floor lamps or desk lamps to illuminate the area around you for easy reading.


3.Choose the shape of the living room lamps according to the style of the living room: For the living room with a floor height of 2.8 meters or more, it is ideal to choose a branch chandelier with multiple heads. The brightness of each corner of the living room can be guaranteed, and the lamp holder can also be switched on to control the number of openings to adjust the brightness of the living room. It is ideal to choose a ceiling lamp for a living room with a floor height of about 2.5 meters. Because of the small thickness of the ceiling lamp, it can reduce the sense of pressure and at the same time make the house look less crowded. Ceiling lamps are generally energy-saving tubes, which are not only environmentally friendly, but also have good lighting effects.


4.Choose the right type of light source: After determining the shape of the living room lamp, the important part of the lamp selection is the color temperature of the light source. The light source with low color temperature is warmer in color, which will easily make the items under the light appear yellow; the light source with high color temperature is colder, and the living room will appear deserted. When we want to have a good mood, we can choose white light (daylight fluorescent light), refreshing, natural and vibrant natural light.


If we want to have a peaceful mood, we can choose a yellowish light (yellow fluorescent lamp), which is closer to the soft light of an incandescent lamp, and you can feel soft and relaxed. If you want to have a warm mood, you can choose yellow light (incandescent light), warm and soft lighting, which can bring warmth to the room.

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