High power LED downlight in the market is hot

- Jan 18, 2017-

High power LED downlight is the hottest new lighting on the lighting market, which uses LED as the light source, due to the LED cold light source, with environmental protection, energy saving, reliable product characteristics, high power LED lamp was highly favored by consumers.

Zhongyi electronics below to give you a detailed analysis of high power LED downlight knowledge, I hope everyone on this new type of environment-friendly lighting to have more understanding.

1. high power LED downlight definition

High power LED downlight is the high-power LED lighting as a light, it belongs to a type of directional lighting, embedded and non-embedded forms, compared with ordinary lamps, its light is focused, relatively strong chiaroscuro.

High power LED tube lamp above 80%, life expectancy is more than 10 times of ordinary lamps, is virtually maintenance-free, must be frequently replaced is not an issue, about half down costs can in Exchange for cost savings. Green semiconductor light source, light, soft, spectrally pure, eye protection and health in favour of people, cool on the cold light source giving the Visual feel, helps to focus and improve efficiency.

2. high power LED lamp light works:

Fixed voltage of PN junction constitutes a barrier, when Jiazheng times base bias voltage drop the p-and n-proliferation of majority carriers toward each other. Because the electron mobility is much larger than the hole mobility, so there will be a large number of electrons from p diffusion, constitute p areas of minority-carrier injection. These electrons and the valence band holes of composite, compound the energy released as light. This is the high power LED downlight PN junction light principle.

3. electrical characteristics of high power LED downlight:

Current-controlled devices, load characteristics of UI similar to the PN junction curve is minimal change in voltage will cause the wizard changed a lot of the forward current (index level), reverse leakage current is very small, there is reverse Breakdown voltage. In actual use, you should choose. LED forward voltage decreases as the temperature increases and smaller, with a negative temperature coefficient. High power LED lamp power consumption, part into light, which is what we need. The rest is converted to heat, elevated junction temperature. Distribution of heat (power) can be expressed as w.

4. high power LED tube light features:

Provide is half the width of a lot of monochromatic light LED, semiconductor energy gap decreases as temperatures rise, so the peak wavelength emitted by it and increases with temperature, the spectral red shifts, temperature coefficient is +2~3A/. LED luminance l is proportional to forward current:, k is the scaling factor. Current increases, the brightness also increase. Brightness is also associated with environmental temperature, when the ambient temperature is high, recombination efficiency decreased light intensity decreases.

High power LED downlight characterized by high quality, durable and energy-saving, projection angle adjustment range, 15W brightness equivalent to an ordinary 40W fluorescent lamp, high temperature resistant, moisture-proof waterproof and leakproof, its excellent characteristics by consumers alike.

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