Factory lighting

- May 06, 2017-

In modern factories, a lot of work requires workers to use high-intensity eyes to complete, the workers must have good vision, and to focus on a workpiece or a point to complete, there are a lot of work workers need to adhere to the long time with the eye Complete, or even work overtime to complete.


Some factories, night workers in the rest of others to complete their work, which is the most eye-catching, in the above circumstances, workers will soon feel visually tired, difficult to concentrate, and thus affect the efficiency, or even errors caused by accidents.


So a comfortable and bright working environment for the factory workers is very important, not only can protect their own eyes, ease eye fatigue, but also improve work efficiency. Factory lighting has three main aspects: general lighting, local lighting, mixed lighting.


General lighting: also known as the main lighting, generally placed in the middle of the top, to provide space for the overall lighting, usually according to the size of the factory layout.


Local lighting: is based on production needs, with the use of general lighting, in the need for special focus on the location of lighting, place the lights to illuminate the work point.


Mixed lighting: generally used for large factories, with the main lighting and local lighting with each other to reduce the light dark area and shadow area.


Our company's lamp TEC001LIN09  for the factory, is a modular line of light, its main features are high-baybean angle optionalwaterproof IP65,at the same time with a waterproof, bright features, very consistent with the requirements of the factory.



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