Current Status and Development Trend of LED Lamps and Linear Lamps in the United States

- May 06, 2017-

The main linear lamps are mainly used in the traditional straight tube fluorescent lamps (such as T5, T8 and T12) of the grille lights, panel lights, hanging lamps, etc .; LED linear lighting refers to the integration of LED Of the lamps, including the use of LED to replace the light source of linear lamps.

For a long time, the US linear lamp market are straight fluorescent lamps as the light source of the lamp-led, but the LED appears, this pattern has a new change. For example, in 2001, T12 fluorescent lamps accounted for 72% of the total consumption of linear lamps in the business sector, accounting for 67% of the total consumption of linear lamps and lanterns. In 2015, T12 fluorescent lamps were only used in the total amount of linear lamps 7%, industrial sector accounted for only 12%.

According to the US Department of Energy predicted that 2035 T12 fluorescent lamps in the amount of only accounted for 1% of the total occupancy of all linear lamps, and LED replacement light source in the use of the proportion will increase to 16%, LED integrated lamps in the use of the proportion of To 61%.

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