Characteristics of linear LED tube lamp

- Jan 18, 2017-

Long working life: the LED is a semiconductor solid state light emitting device, compared to other light sources have a longer working life. Its brightness half-life of typically up to 100,000 hours. LED alternative to traditional car with lights, its life will be much larger than the vehicle body's life, has the characteristic of life without repair and replacement.

Low power consumption: LED is a low-voltage device, therefore under the same brightness, power consumption is minimal, can greatly reduce the energy consumption. Instead, with the development of technology and materials in the future, will have higher luminous efficiency. People made the calculation, if Japan all replaced with LED lighting, you can reduce the two large power plants, environmental protection is very favourable.

Fast response time: LED dozens of Ms (NS) in response, so is a telling device, this other light in the dust. Produced by LED under high brake lights of the car at high speed, improve vehicle safety

Small size, light weight, resistance against: this is the inherent characteristics of semiconductor solid state devices.  Color LED that produces a variety of clear and elaborate displays. Easy to light, color, control: LED as a light-emitting device and can control the brightness by flowing through the current changes, or by different LED color change and configuration control. Made of LED lights display, easy to meet a variety of application needs through electronic control, compatibility with IC computer NG trapped

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