Characteristics of linear LED tube lamp

- Jan 18, 2017-

1.LED lamp linear consists of light boxes, light box, frame, lamp, lamp composed of tin lid reflector

2. imported high quality steel sheet manufacturing, importing high quality aluminum manufacturing, surface by electrostatic spraying repair powder layer cohesive and uniform.

3. using one Horn lamp E27 ceramic lampholder, internal metal components for copper construction, spiral, circular, high, smooth, and disassembly is easy

4. the frame, box and other metal surface using automated spray technology and imports of liquid, the surface is smooth, clutter-free, long life, the normal range within 5 years will not rust, shedding.

5. reflection in glass, improved luminous efficiency, which has an obvious energy-saving features and imported high quality 0.8mm thickness of aluminium material, light and easy to install, can use a variety of light sources.

6. high efficiency and low temperature ballasts, excellent stability and durability.

7. the lamp holder and line to adopt fire-retardant materials, fire safety is guaranteed.

8. reasonable structure, strong, safe, reliable, and using compression-type installation, disassembly and Assembly is convenient and quick.

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