Bookstore lighting in the three common ways

- Aug 26, 2017-

1. General lighting


General lighting is to the reader to transfer books and information lighting, is the basis of bookstore lighting.


Other lighting methods mainly play a role in creating a bookstore, enhance the display effect. In the design of the bookstore lighting, according to the different functions of various types of lighting to guide the specific design.


General lighting to ensure that the bookstore to obtain a certain brightness. In the bookstore, the general lighting of the light to be uniform and illuminate the entire bookstore, usually, the natural light is the best, it has no stimulation of the human eye, but also allows readers to see the book's character and appearance.


But the natural light is difficult to grasp the light source, the indoor is difficult to get enough natural light source, and manual light can be a good control of indoor lighting effects.


2. Local lighting


Local lighting is for the specific visual work, to illuminate a local and set the lighting.


In some areas of the bookstore only by the general lighting can not achieve enough illumination can use this lighting method, such as the bookstore reading area can be added desk lamps, floor lamps and even chandeliers to meet the needs of reading.



3. Focus lighting


Focus on lighting refers to the directional exposure of a particular target or area, eye-catching lighting.


It can be used in the lighting design of the bookstore in the LOGO, posters, promotional books pendulum, decorative display or new book publishing area, this method uses a more intense contrast of light and shade caused by people's attention, so as to effectively convey important information.

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