Architectural landscape LED lighting design to consider what?

- Aug 11, 2017-

Building landscape LED lighting design in the overall consideration of the following points is the first to confirm:


1 viewing direction


Buildings may be visible in different directions and angles, but generally before the design begins, we first decide on a particular direction to be the main direction of viewing.


2 distance


Most people may see the distance. Distance between the distance will affect the appearance of observation for the clarity of the facade, while affecting the level of illumination decision.


3 surrounding environment and background


The surrounding environment and the background of the light and dark will affect the subject of the required illumination. If the surrounding is dark, you need a little light to illuminate the main body; if the surrounding is bright, the light must be strengthened to highlight the main body.


In the building landscape LED lighting design, can be divided into the following steps:


4 Determine the desired lighting effect


Buildings may vary depending on their appearance and may have different lighting effects, or more uniform, or strong changes in light and shade; can also be more flat performance, or more lively performance, according to the properties of the building itself To decide.


5   Select the appropriate lighting fixture


In general, the square type of light-emitting light distribution angle is larger; round lamp angle is small; wide-angle lighting effect is more uniform, but not suitable for long-range projection; narrow-angle lamps for long distance projection , But close to use when the uniformity is poor.

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