Advantages of led high bay light

- May 15, 2017-

LED Highbay Light lamp body is made of high quality aluminum alloy, and the heat dissipation efficiency is higher; and the design of strong air convection is adopted to ensure the effect of heat dissipation. The use of precision abrasive die casting is tightly combined to prevent the intrusion of impurities. High-quality high-power lamp beads production, brightness and high light color uniform, and more durable life, the light is softer; power using intelligent chip control, to achieve the effect of steady flow to ensure the lasting life of the lamp is a new era of environmentally friendly energy-saving light source of the new Preferred!



High-strength die-casting aluminum shell, drawing aluminum radiator, high efficiency reflector, external electrostatic spraying, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, durable.

Plant lighting


Product Features

1. Using LED flat integrated light source, small thermal resistance, low temperature, the lamp shell for the radiator part of the direct thermal conductivity.

2. LED mining lamp using a wide voltage design, the voltage fluctuations when the total power of the lamp body is basically no change, to avoid strobe, to protect workers to use the stability of the lighting environment.

3. Do not smoke dust, no mosquitoes, eliminating the need to often clean the light source of the trouble.

4. Compared with the traditional halogen and high pressure sodium lamp, the use of LED flat integrated light source of non-polluting materials and purple infrared radiation, to create a healthy and comfortable workplace environment.

5. Take full advantage of LED instantaneous start advantage, in a large area using LED mining lamp site instantly start lighting, improve work efficiency.


Scope of application:

LED Highbay light aainly used in warehouses, supermarkets, large workshops, steel mills, shipyards, aircraft factories, large machinery factory, hardware workshop, warehouse, highway toll stations, gas stations, large supermarkets, exhibition halls, gymnasium, car waiting room, train Station waiting room and other places that require high space lighting.

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