A well - known American hotel lighting

- Mar 04, 2017-

(1)entrance hall

The foyer is the facade of the hotel and is also the "window", the hotel's lobby features distinctly depended on the architectural style, and the hotel has the same style of the foyer around the world, giving the guests a deep impression. Hall lighting will undoubtedly bring visitors to the first visual impact. The area is relatively simple lamp, the combination of downlight and wall lamp, wall lamp styling and indoor lighting style consistent with the lobby and the lobby are closely linked, the lighting style integration.

(2)lobby lighting

According to the characteristics of the lobby and the total station and the quality of service of the waiter, the guests will naturally give the hotel to judge the level of mind. Visual illumination of the lobby is about 200lx, which is equivalent to our standard. The total service desk area due to the check-in and check-out business, the use of regional general lighting and local lighting, see Figure 4, visual level of illumination in 300lx or so. Lobby lighting type is relatively simple, combined with changes in the ceiling level of the lighting effect of rich coordination, and in particular highlight the general service desk function image. Lobby The main lights are decorated with chandeliers, combined with golden yellow ceilings, and the lobby is magnificent; combined with downlights, light boxes and so on.

(3)room lighting

The guest room is the heart of the hotel, and for the guests from afar, the guest room is the temporary home of the guest. This "home" has the function of: bedroom, study, living room, so the room lighting takes full account of these factors. Figure 5 shows that the hotel room is very simple lighting style, for high-level hotel is a rational return? The Bedside lamp with the main function of the lamp, at the same time for temporary reading, can also be used as a TV background lighting, the lamp has two light sources, easy to use. Unfortunately, the bedside lamp has no dimming function. Desk with a focus on the table lighting, the use of LED lamps, 5 dimming. Room dressing mirror actually no local lighting, beyond the conventional design 2. The sofa is the guest area, using the floor lamp, for the usual practice.

(4) lighting features

1) room with less fixed lights.

Room lighting is only a fixed lamp, instead, a large number of mobile lamps, such as table lamps, floor lamps, and even read the spotlights or reading lights are not.

2) LED light source gradually used

As mentioned earlier, the desk desk on the desk lamp has a 5-level dimming function, modeling simple, modern, but not in harmony with the style of the room.

Other lamps are also a lot of use of LED, room light source for the production of Philips 11W, 2700K LED light source, luminous flux of 850lm.

3) warm color light is the main colors

Hotel light source color temperature consistent, about 3000K or so, to create a warm environment.

4) No energy saving switch

Room does not set the energy-saving switch, actually for the 4-star hotel!

5) There is no dimming system or room management system

No dimming system for high-grade hotel really incredible!


All in all, the hotel is more concise lighting, saving investment. But the decoration style without losing luxury. 

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