A Brief Analysis of Hotel Lighting and Future Development

- May 18, 2017-

Hotel space lighting requirements analysis

These standards are different for each company, but the logic is generally the same, such as Canopy (roof) compared to the entrance and other regional illumination will require a little higher, to facilitate the guests, hotel staff access.

And once into the hall into the reception area, the illumination will be relatively high, because only so guests can find the direction in the first time, from this point of view, in the hall leading to the transition area of the reception area, the lights in the virtually To guide and direct the role of this point and the mall in the "line design" is a principle.

When the guest is in the front desk check in (registration) back to the service desk into the next space, this time in the guest's perspective in the whole space illumination is relatively high Lift lobby (lift lobby). From the above process of lighting design, we will find that the hotel lighting design of the entire line will follow the service object perspective to focus on a level of lighting and guidance. But as long as the above can be called the success of the hotel lighting design it? of course not.

Business hotel lighting requirements

1, anti-glare:

We should be noted in the hotel lighting design point and the choice of lamps do not appear when the glare, because the hotel, especially high-end hotel is often the atmosphere to attract, any details will affect the overall atmosphere of the show, so the importance of anti-glare has not only in the human eye comfort, but also related to the overall image of the hotel to build.

2, security:

In the overall atmosphere to build on the basis of success, the hotel security in the hotel system is also very important, in which the aisle step lights, down lights or lights to choose the need to be careful. These places do not have high illumination, enough to use, mainly in the context of the overall lighting does not destroy to meet the safety of guests and staff.

3, light color:

Color is good, color temperature is. This is particularly important in areas such as mirror mirrors, restaurants and so on in the bathroom. I do not know everyone did not pay attention? A lot of self-timer are in front of the mirror, the restaurant completed, this point to do, will be invisible to increase the hotel's exposure.

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