Company profile

What's the history?


Shenzhen Keylux Lighting Co.,Ltd, established in 2010, located in Shenzhen , where is one of economical centre of China. KEYLUX is an international photoelectric technology industry company, focus on LED lighting innovation, which in research and develop various LED Lights products,contains commercial lighting, industrial lighting and home lighting. Manufacture high quality LED lighting reach maximum energy efficiency.


Our factory specialized in LED linear light, LED profile, led tubes,LED strips. Over 90% products export to the Europe, North America, South America, Oceania , Asia, Africa etc. And each year, we attend exhibition to show newest developed product to customer, such as Warsaw Poland Lighting Fair, The Distribu TECH/Power,Lighting&Electric Fair at USA, Hong Kong Lighting Fair. Welcome to meet you at our booth! The product can be reached different requirement of different country . Our aims is to be the most reliable LED lights supplier in the world.

What's the R&D ability?


Keylux is a modern lighting company, we have specialized R&D department with a professional technical research and development team with rich experience and high innovation.In the design of a product, all designers to consider all aspects, color, material, function,new technologies, products useful, innovative and attractive products. We spend 20% of our revenue on R&D every year,according to the market demand,many new product design developed and obtained two patents.